Why swap (to LED)?

Isn’t this the most important question! Now I could waffle on about how the fossil fuels we burn are running out, how the governments of the world are forcing us by law to change or even how lamp manufacturers are cashing in by selling us expensive alternatives to what we already have. After all it is all true they are, they are and yup they are. . . . the lighting segment of the packaged LED market in 2011 grew a whopping 44% to $1.8 Billion according to Ella Shum, director of LED research of strategies unlimited.

So what is in it for me?

Well let us consider that you have 10 downlights in your house that have a 50W halogen lamp in them and that you run that lamp for 4 hours a day every day for a year (Average sometimes more in the winter or less in the summer depending). And for argument sake your electricity company charges you, hmmmm what do they charge. Between 12.5 and 16 pence per kilo watt hour, don’t believe me go check your bill if you can make sense of it, my average is about 13.55. (pre recent UK price rises)

Number of lamps = 10  Wattage = 50  Time = 4 x 365 = 1460  Cost per kWh = 13.55

So 10 lamps x 50 watts = 500 watts

500 watts x 1460 hours = 730,000 divide this by 1000 to make it kilo watts = 730

730 kWh x 0.1355 = £98.915

This is how much it costs to run the 10 halogen lamps per year, So now let’s do the same for the 8W LED lamps.

10 x 8 watts = 80

80 watts x 1460 hours = 116,800 divide by 1000 again = 116.8 kWh

116.8 kWh x 0.1355 = £15.8264

So for every 10 halogen downlights in my house, if I swapped them to LED would save me…

£98.915 – £15.8264 = £83.0886  PER YEAR

Yes that is 83 UK pounds for every 10 swapped. Now I know the first come back against this, ‘but LED lamps cost £20 each, yes they do but the prices are falling, and yes they are much more costly than a halogen £1-£7 depending on brand and quantity. So let us take this a step further and say the halogen cost is £3. Those halogens last for between 1-5000 hours, let’s use 3,000 hours. A LED lamp lasts anywhere upwards of 40,000 hours but let be conservative and use 30,000 as it makes the numbers easier.

LED lamp 30,000 hours costing £20

Halogen lamp lasting 3,000 hours costing £3

So we would need 10 halogens to last 30,000 hours (10 x 3,000) which means the halogen cost is £30

£30-£20 =  £10 saving, multiplied by our original 10 fittings is £100 saving.

Now over the life time of the LED lamp, 30,000 hours burning at 4 hours per day

30,000/4 = 7,500 Days

7,500 day /365 = 20.55 years

20.55 multiplied by our cost saving per year of £83 = £1705.65

Want to swap to LED lamps yet?


~ by futurelamps on November 25, 2012.

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