Lumens vs Watts

In the Red corner we have ‘Watts’ tried and test method of measuring lamp light output for decades and in the Blue corner is the contender ‘Lumens’ whatever they are?

Yes very soon your lamp packaging (if it doesn’t already) will say wattage somewhere on it and LUMENS in big bold letters somewhere more prominent. So why are they changing it? Is it another European thing like the kilometre or the litre?

You see we have been buying lamps for years based on how much energy they use, and mistaken it for how much light it puts out. How many times have you replaced the light bulb in the lounge and thought damn that’s a bit dull I must have put a 40 watt instead of a 60 watt bulb in. Now following along those lines, you try a 10W LED lamp, GLS replacement. Instantly your brain says it going to be almost dark, it’ll never give out enough light. However it does and will.

What you are actually registering is the amount of ‘Lumens’ that the lamp is giving out. Whereas the GLS filament lamp used 60 watts, most of that energy was lost in the form of low grade heat, only a small percentage was actually turned into light.

Now the LED lamp only uses a fraction of the energy, maybe 8 or 10 watts, but the lumens per watt is much higher than the old style GLS lamp and therefore you are using much less energy to light your home, hotel etc

Look at the label next time you buy and find the lumens per watt (lm/W) the higher the better.


~ by futurelamps on November 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Lumens vs Watts”

  1. Hi FutureLamps, can you tell me what the typical Lumens for a 60w, 100w and 150w filament lamp are please?
    Thank you.

  2. Beat you to it by a couple of days, please see post on 28th Nov ’12. That should answer your question.

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