Like everything in our ‘throw away’ era, LED lamps have a lifespan, this should not get confused with warranty (Sometimes termed Guarantee, although they mean something different, the terms are often mixed up).

With good old light bulbs you knew when they had reached their end of life because they went ‘pink’ (Sound and not colour), then you’d be plunged into darkness only go find the candles for the evening until you could nip to the shops to purchase another. Even with the dreaded fluorescent you’d notice the ends turn darker and then one day it would continue flashing instead of blinking into life. Not so with LED.

LEDs are more like trusty librarians than rock and roll stars, so they just gradually fade away rather than burn out. They suffer what is called ‘Luminous decay’ and the point at which we decide they are no longer as bright as they should be is ‘L70’

L70 is generally accepted to be when the luminous (Light) output drops to 70% of the lamps original brightness. This is not to say that they won’t work after this time only it is likely that the human eye will start to register that things are not as bright as they once were.

This figure is usually measured in hours, so will depend on usage, as to when this will occur in real time. If you only used the light on average 4 hours a day and it had a 35,000 hour ‘L70’ then your lamp would last approx . . .

35000/4 = 8750 days / 365 = 23.9 years

Obviously there are a few other factors like high temperature environments, the quality of the electronic components inside and if you bought the lamp from a guy in the pub called Dodgy Dave or not, but otherwise most of these lamps will out live us.


~ by futurelamps on December 6, 2012.

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