Two big letters – CE

All hail the mighty European union, everything which is good and right in the world is boldly stamped with ‘CE’ and in the ideal world this would be correct.

The CE mark which appears on so many goods across Europe states that the goods in question have conformed to the required standards and has the certification to be shipped into any country of Europe.

Yes you knew it was coming, a large BUT…

Like any police force in a big city the ‘CE’ mark relies on most of the inhabitants being law abiding decent folk. However like lots of big cities it has an element which doesn’t think laws apply to them. The ‘CE’ mark is a self certification, the manufacturer states that they have complied with the regulations set out by the European union.

Most of the bad products are quickly spotted and unveiled but sadly several are ready to step into its place. Before you say, ahh everything from China is badly copied junk shipped out cheaply, this is not the case, and the authorities in Asia are doing their bit to ensure products comply. Most if not all products are engineered to the best possible standards, only a few fail to reach those standards we would accept.

Europe for its part has been slow to put in strict guidelines on lamps (Should come in to force mid to late 2013), from testing to product information on labels. Unlike the US or countries in the Middle East.

That said, never buy a lamp (Or any product for that matter) which doesn’t have the ‘CE’ mark. It shows that the manufacturer believes he has met the requirements of the product even if it later is proven that it hasn’t. After all few people in business want to drive their customers away.


~ by futurelamps on January 9, 2013.

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