Halogen Lamps doomed by EU

Through calculation it is possible to tell that upto a staggering 40% of a building’s energy is used by its lighting. The EU has, like many nations across the globe, slowly been phasing out the most inefficient lamps. The GLS 100W went way back in 2009,  and to meet the requirements to lower energy consumption some of the most inefficient halogen are next on the list.

Mostly likely all will be phased out by 2016!

By phasing out the least efficient lamps (Incandescent and now halogen) the EU is forcing people to use more energy efficient replacements. So now is the time to read up (Check previous blogs) on LED and other technologies to find just what you can or want to replace them with.

What the EU are actually setting is a minimum performance standard, so poor performing CFL (Fluorescents) and LEDs will also be removed from the EU market (about time). To give you an idea of the current waste, they expect to reduce European energy bills by upto €11bn per year!

Of course there are other ways to reduce lighting bills. When you walk out of a room, turn them off!


~ by futurelamps on January 14, 2013.

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