IRC at your peril. . .

So the EU is set to ban inefficient halogen by 2013. Yes this year! The newspaper reporters say we can still use these IRC (Infra red coated) halogen lamps, excellent, I’ll go get a bunch and swap them in… Just hold on for a short attention span minute.

While being great at making a source of material to wrap up fish and chips in, where exactly did that newspaper reporter become an expert in lighting, oh he didn’t he just re-wrote the article from some source material, it sounded plausible and his editor published it.

If IRC lamps are so great how come you haven’t heard of them yet, because they have a tiny little issue called ‘I also burn at 400 degrees celsius’. Oh did you not hear that, OK again for the hard of reading. . .


But that reporter guy said, yes he said they were more efficient which is true, but and a fairly big ol’ butt it is, these lamps go mostly into downlights. And you say ‘so’. Well downlights although they look fairly basic have evolved over many years to cope with the environment we subject them to, and one of these evolutions is the use of a paint finish to make them blend into our decor.

This paint as far as I am aware is one of the highest heat resistant paints on the market, being able to withstand 250 degree C of heat. (A normal halogen hits about 250 degree C max, and with a little air cooling is much lower by the time it reaches the paintwork.)

A normal downlight, the bit you can see, consists of a bezel (The outside bit) and a lock ring (Inside bit which holds the lamp and lets you change lamps when they blow). Therefore when you subject this to 400 degree C of heat it fairly quickly decides to give up and become a little soft. The bezel and the lock ring then decide to become best buddies and paint bond, making them in the process near impossible to get apart.

What this generally means is that if you put an IRC lamp in your downlight, the next time that lamp blows you’ll need an electrician to replace the lamp, the fitting and your bank manager to replace the cash in your wallet.


~ by futurelamps on January 29, 2013.

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