EU Ban halogen by 2016

The European Union (EU) have put forward, and unless something drastic happens it will come in to force, legislation which will ban almost all halogen by 2016 some going this September.

There will be a few exceptions, the IRC Halogens previously mentioned in ‘’ is likely to just about scrap in. But in general inefficient lamps, the Halogen, some CFL and even the poor performing LEDs will be sent the way of the tungsten lamps recently removed from the market.

Don’t worry they won’t pop by your house and take them away to a detention centre but they will become more scarce in the shops as current stocks run low (Que Car boot mania for those with spares!).

On a good note a lot of the rubbish imported and sold as ‘Low Energy’ which is clearly just taking advantage of people trying to do the right thing should also be removed from the market place.

Also better labelling will become mandatory you will start to see information on the label which should mean you can check one lamp against another (and against the lamps you were used to). The energy rating labels you see on new fridges and other electrical equipment will be seen on the outside of the packaging. These will be with new categories A+ and A++, anything lower than B grade will sink into the history books.

Look out lamp manufacturers, get your houses in order the EU is on the march, finally!


~ by futurelamps on February 27, 2013.

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